Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Poets Korner: Maya Angelou


Poems And books 
Lectures and looks
Freedom you took

Unthinkable for a woman, and a black one at that
The world glared at you at you stared right back
Unafraid to succeed

And as a young girl I read
I absorbed and you fed
My curiosity

And as I grew older my head on good shoulders I decided to soldier in your army of words
I decided to write
Because you taught me that dreams might
be chased like high flying kites

That I should put down my thoughts
For others to ponder
That I can no longer wonder
Why the caged bird sings

You epic epitome of all that I want for me
May you rest in peace
May the world never cease to read the words of wisdom you graciously surrendered


Love, Nika

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