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Some facts about me:
-I'm 24, a mother, and a lover of crafts.
-I like to read, crochet, sew, make hair bows, 
and as of yesterday, I make Minecraft toys.
-I'm addicted to TV shows, movies, reading,
makeup, nail polish and anything crafty.
-I started reading all the time about 5 years ago,
I tend to do things in stages, I'll watch a bunch 
of shows for 6 months, then read for 6 months, 
I'm hoping to even it out a little because I feel
like I'm really missing out on some things :)

I was blogging everyday, but somehow I let the fun of it get away from me and it became a strain. I want to try to get back into it without having all the pressure. I really miss sharing my thoughts about things and I just want to have some fun :) 

I try to write my reviews as if I'm talking to a friend about the book (or movie). I start sentences with and, but and cuz. I don't have a way with words and I'm not that great at describing my emotions about a book, but I like the way I write my reviews. And I hope that you will too! Thanks for visiting :)

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