Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back To The Burton-Verse


It wasn't what I expected. The film Dark Shadows, recently received is the latest installment from the fab four:  Burton, Bonham Carter, Elfman, and Depp. The film is based on the 70's soap Dark Shadows, which is much more melodramatic than the film version.

As always, Burton has a certain vision of what he wants his movies to be and he did not disappoint. He indeed made his vision of this horror franchise a reality, but I cannot say that it did justice to the original show. But is it supposed to? A remake, is just that--a remaking and imagining of something that already exists. It is not a carbon copy of past work. 

I am of course a little biased because I am in love with the fab four! In my reality, they should create all movies! But I can understand if a lover of the original show disliked this take on the American classic.

Reasons why you should see DARK SHADOWS:
1. Depp does a stunning job as always! 
2. The music in the film is epic.
3. The colors are brilliant, as in all Burton films.
4. It offers a refreshing trip to the Burton-verse! 

I give the film four stars...

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