Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Poets Korner: Untitled

Like sheep
We seek 
our shepherds 
to usher us into correctitude 
And guide us throughout life 
And deliver us from spite 
To pull us toward our problems and lead us from that dark knight 

Our shepherd is our father
 Our watcher
 And our friend 

To leave his watchful gaze to graze along the banks of forgetfulness
 is to sign away our right to find the treasure the shepherd keeps behind his gracious heart and watchful eye
And we are but lost Sheep
 On the horizon of sleep
On the edge of defeat
Without him or her
 Whichever you prefer
Whoever you may follow as a part Of the herd
 As a part of the world
 You need a shepherd to lead you home.
Not to say that we are but drones
Cursed to do as others have shown
 But one in a company of many
 All different all exceptional all in need of a shepherds lead
 And bound by that we are sheep searching for
The end

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