Saturday, August 4, 2012

Tag: Would You Rather...?

My name is Angela and I run this blog with my sister Nika. We talk about books and movies and all that junk. Enjoy!

The questions:
Reading: Would you rather read a classic book or a dictionary?
A classic book. I haven't read any of them. Not even in high school.
Getting: Would you rather receive a $50 gift card to a bookshop or a library card?
The gift card. I like to build my collection. I usually don't check out library books.
Shopping: Would you rather look at books at a bookstore or a library?
The bookstore. Because I'm usually gonna buy whatever I find that I like.
Sleeping: While you read, would you rather stay up and see what happens in the book (and it's a part where it's a must) or go to sleep?
I like to stay up late at night and read. Especially when it's a crazy good part. I have to see what happens.
Writing: Would you rather write on a laptop/computer or in a notebook/paper?
On a computer. I hate paper.
Eating: Would you rather eat while you read or keep glancing at the bag of food?
Eat while I read. 
Have a great day!

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