Friday, August 10, 2012

Movie Review: A Good Woman

"Every saint has a past. 

Every sinner has a future."

The 2004 film A Good Woman starring Helen Hunt and Scarlett Johanson and based on a play by Oscar Wilde was surprisingly good! I was never a fan of Helen Hunt, but I love to give Scarlett the benefit of gracing my tv screen from time to time. I think it must be her screen presence, she is exceedingly pleasant to look at. 

The beginning of the film is a little slow but after that it wastes no time immersing the viewer in the intrigues of life for women in the thirties. The film is fashion forward and tastefully done. The costumes highlight each persons assets and hides their faults making them look as attractive as possible. I really enjoyed the various dresses each woman wore, it was accurate to the time period. So many historical films are careless when it comes to costuming. But the roaring thirties, the Charleston and all that jazz! Still in the swing of things you can't tell the story of the thirties without expressing the look, right down to the drop necklines, swinging pearls, the bowl hats and the pin curls.

The film follows the life of Mrs. Erylnne (Hunt) who has run her credit, bestowed upon her by other women's husbands, into the ground and penniless, she is forced to leave America for Italy. While in Italy she meets the husband of the newly married Lady Windermere. Together they have a very suspicious relationship which threatens to destroy the lives of the young couple if things are revealed. 

Directed by Mike Barker, director of Shattered (2007) and To Kill a King (2003) does a wonderful job of portraying the lives of women in the thirties, and the still reaching hands of aristocracy struggling to stay above the rest. I give the film four stars. It's a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

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