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MSMC #5: Paul Blart: Mall Cop

This is just a thing I created for myself as a sort of challenge. There are a lot, and I mean a lot, of movies that people would call "must see movies" that I have not seen. So whenever I watch one of the movies on my must see list I'll do a post on it and tell if it really is a "must see". And hopefully they are all wonderfully epic movies :)

If you have any suggestions on movies I should put on that list, please leave a comment and tell me about it! 

Release Date: Jan 16, 2009
DVD Release Date: May 19, 2009

Plot Summary:
In this comedy starring King of Queens' Kevin James, Paul Blart (James) is a single suburban dad attempting to make ends meet by working as a mall security guard. Paul takes his job very seriously; unfortunately the same can't be said for the shoppers he deals with on a daily basis. That all changes the day that Santa's little helpers shut down the mall and start taking hostages, including Paul's daughter and his main squeeze. Realizing that no one knows the mall better than the man who's paid to guard it, Paul mounts his Segway and speeds to the rescue.


My Thoughts:
I was never a fan of Kevin James, I've seen a few episodes of King of Queens, but it wasn't really that interesting to me. It was funny, but not hilarious. So when this movie came out, I remember not really caring to go see it. And I had forgot about it until recently when I was looking up comedies. Comedies are my favorite genre and I'm running out of things to watch, so I searched on Google: funniest comedies. I believe I found a list for every year, and just went through and made my way back to 2009. And I had just recently went to my friends house for dinner and we were going to watch a movie afterwards, and she asked me if I wanted to watch Paul Blart.... I was like "no, that movies looks dumb!" Oh man, I was so wrong, and I should have just watched it then. 

This movie is truly funny, but it's one of those feel good comedies. Where there's other stuff going on... Like a little romance and in this case, some action and suspense. And you just want it to all work out. Kevin James is hilarious on his Segway in this one. 

And I'm really loving Jayma Mays right now. I love her in Glee and I just think she's a really great actress. I always end up loving her characters, they're so innocent and nice. How can you not like that?! 

Reasons To Watch It:
-It's truly epic.
-Kevin James is hilarious.
-Definitely worth 91 minutes of your time.
-Everything about this movie is awesome.
-I think everyone should watch it at least once. 

Screenshots :)

Have you seen this one?
What did you think?
Was it completely epic?

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