Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bookish Goals For 2013

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This weeks topic is our top ten bookish goals for 2013.

1. Read at least 100 books.
Last year I read 71 books, but I'd really like to read at least 100, but I really want to read more than that.
2. Finish Harry Potter Series.
So far I've only read the first 3, I started on Goblet of Fire (#4), but some how got sidetracked. The books are still really interesting, especially since I haven't seen the movies or heard spoilers, so I have all this curiosity. I think I just secretly don't want to finish them, because then it will be over :(
3. Read a few classics. 
Most people read classics in high school, I on the other hand was on independent study in high school. So I pretty much taught myself. And I think I missed out on a few classics that are most definitely worth reading. To name a few on my list: To Kill a Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights, The Diary of a Young Girl, Jane Eyre, and Dracula.
4. Read more books that are becoming movies... 
I've really been lacking on these. I said I was going to read Perks of Being a Wallflower before it came out and I never did, I said that about Water for Elephants too... And eventually just gave up and watched the movie. I really need to stick to my goals. Here are some for example: City of Bones, Beautiful Creatures, Catching Fire, The Host, Uglies, and The Great Gatsby.
5. Stop judging books.
I judge all the time and I need to stop. I judge by the cover. By the title. Even by the synopsis and end up loving the book. 

That's all I could think of for now... 
So I suppose I only have 5...
What are some of you bookish goals?

Have a great day!


  1. Great goals. My reading goal is only 75 this year I try to go up 5 each year. I still have not read the final Harry Potter book. I just can't bring myself to get to it. I have always said I want to read some classics then never do lol. I definitely want to read more of the books becoming movie preferably before I watch the movie. I have a really bad habit of judging covers as well. I just don't want to pick it up if I don't like the cover. I see the cover and ignore the synopsis sometimes and pass it by. I should probably get into the habit of reading the summaries more even if the cover isn't amazing.

    1. I think that's how I'll be too. I'll probably wait a long time to finish the final book, because then it will all be over... and who wants that? :( I hope we accomplish some of our goals this year! :)

  2. Great goals. You really need to finish HP, the last book was my favorite.

    My TTT

    1. I've heard a lot of people say that, eventually I will read them. :) Thanks for commenting.

  3. I completely understand not wanting HP to be over, but it is worth that sadness to read all the books. Such a wonderful series!

    Pride and Prejudice is my favorite book of all time. I never get sick of it.

    Good luck on your goals :)

    1. Thanks for commenting. And I definitely will get working on HP and Pride and Prejudice :)


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