Friday, July 27, 2012

My 2 Cents: A Midsummer's Nightmare

Review + My 2 Cents

This will be my rant/discussion for A Midsummer's Nightmare. If you HAVE NOT READ this yet and are planning to --DO NOT READ THIS POST!

You can read my spoiler free review here!

What I thought about the characters:
Whitley- She was the average female high school graduate on her way to college, but with no average personality, I loved who she was as a person. Partying, having fun, discovering boys, relationships, and love. She doesn't really know what to do with her life, and she kept trying to talk to her dad about it to get it all figured out, but he just didn't seem to have the time for. I understand where she was coming from with the whole stepmom thing, as I've been through it too, but she was kinda mean to her. Sylvia really was just trying to be nice and not be that 'evil' stepmom.

Nathan- What a cute little nerd we got here! He was so nice and caring toward everyone really... He was the perfect love interest, I imagine him to be the perfect mixture of hotness and nerd... gagh... I thought it was adorable when he got pissed because Whitley just wanted to leave the morning after the graduation party and he actually liked her and wanted her number. Hilarious!

Bailey- Such an adorable younger sister. Trying to hang out with Whitley, and feel like she has an older sister, but she was trying a little too hard to grow up and be a "fun high schooler"... I was thinking what the hell are Nathan and Whitley thinking when they let her go with them to that party.

Sylvia- Once again she was trying really hard to be nice and loving toward Whitley. And I think she did a good job. She was concerned, loving, nice, and helpful. Everything Whitley needed and wanted, since she wasn't getting it from either of her real parents.

Whitley's Dad- He was an asshole. I'm sorry, but he was. I would've been way more pissed than she was with him. He was a complete jerk. Drinking with her and being her friend all those years, then ignoring her because he don't know what else to do?! What-the-eff-ever! All he cared about was his new broad and trying to be the perfect dad to her kids because he effed off his parenting with his own kids. But thankfully in the end he showed some kind of emotion and explained why he acted how he did (even though his reasoning was total B.S.).

I loved the whole book, I thought every part was necessary to keep it moving. What I didn't like was all the parts where she would follow all these random guys to their cars. I just knew she would get raped. Even though she didn't, it was still close.

I wish the story would have gone a little farther. I wanted to know what happened when her and her dad went to college and met her mom and talked, that conversation would have been interesting. And then it could have ended after that. Other than that it was absolutely perfect for me!

So, if you're reading this, then you've probably read it... 
Tell me what you thought.. Did you like it, hate it? Or it was just okay?

Have a wonderful day!

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