Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Poets Korner: Today

Today I saw the rest of the world
No one noticed
Cause I curled
Under a tree pondering the meaning
On the faces passing by
Too nervous to cast an eye to eye
They pass me by, they pass me bye

Today I fell in love with the sky
It kissed my face with it’s watery grace
And I loved it back with my eyes
The clouds smiled at me,
Extended their hands and carried me
Away away away, today

Today I caught a peek in a pond
My face was worried and wet and wound
I stared at myself and everything else
Was gone a moment
of complete Self in fat you a tion
Feelings that fit into our shell fish

Today I fell asleep on the ground
I woke up and no one was around
My song forgotten on the leafs
My thoughts as carefree as the breeze
And no one understands it all
We’re lost and eventually
We fall
Today today today

Is just like the day before and yesterday

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