Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Poets Korner: For You...

...For You...
Tell me love
The stars above
Do they shine, the same for you?
Are the lights just as bright?
Past oceans blue and wide…
Does the sun, heat your face,
In the same time and place?
As it does mine
And do the hours pass the same
Like visions of you held in vain.
Maybe once near and far
We’ll meet close in a bar
Breathe each other in and out
Make a map of my heart.
And in your arms I will stay
Until the dream fades away
And I wake.
Blinking slow
You and I are a
Never was, never will
But this dream felt so real
So I’ll wait every day
Talk to you in this artificial way
Pretend our love will go someplace
And hold you in my heart
So tell me love, does the pain
Feel intense and the same
Oceans far away
As it does

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