Sunday, July 1, 2012

Movie Review: The Raven

Rave Reviews for The Raven!

The Raven is the latest project from Australian native James McTeigue, director of the kick ass 2005 hit V for Vendetta. McTeigue is back with his fourth directorial venture The Raven, which hit theatres on April 27 2012, was a frightening thrill for movie goers. The film centers around murders committed based on the macabre tales of Edgar Allen Poe (played by John Cusack).

Poe is recruited by the local authorities to help solve the mystery of who is committing these heinous crimes. The film takes an analytical approach and delves deep into the mind of a distraught Poe during his final days. He is further compelled to help the detective because the killer has kidnapped his intended bride. Time is running out for Poe and his love and it is thrilling to see what happens as Poe and the detective try and outwit the murderous mind of a killer Poe inspired.

Reasons to watch The Raven
1. Cusack plays a convincing Poe.
2. It gives interesting illustration to the stories of Poe.
3. A great classic feel without going overboard.
4. Provides possible answers to Poe's last moments.
5. "May god have mercy on my poor soul"-Poe.

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