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My 2 Cents: Jenny Pox

"Avoid Her Like The Plague"

This will be my second 2 Cents post. I did the first on A Midsummer's Nightmare by Kody Keplinger. I'll link it here if you want to check it out. 

Since I'll be talking about all the crazy scenes, it will obviously have a lot of spoilers. I suggest not reading any farther if you haven't read the book. Even if you don't plan on reading it, I still don't think you should read this post, you'll see all the awesome scenes you missed and will probably want to read it :) If you want to read my review of this book with no spoilers: you can do that here. 

This is obviously my 2 cents on Jenny Pox. I'm not picking it apart, not harping on the writing or what the author did that I didn't like or anything like that. Just talking about what happened in the book that made me really think wow! Or something that I really want to talk about with other people, so I'm spilling it here. 

From the very beginning of the book, I mean within the first few pages, I knew that I was completely on Jenny's side. And wanted Ashleigh to die. And even after reading all of the book, I would have to say the best part was when Jenny used up the last of her strength to kill her dead. Yes, kill her dead. Because she didn't just do a regular ole kill on her. She used everything she had and held on as long as she could until she was really, really, really dead. And I was smiling the whole time. That might sound evil, but by the end I was very must emotionally invested. And completely on Seth and Jenny's side. And it's Halloween month, why not be a little evil. I'm nice all year long :)

So as I was mentioning, I hate Ashleigh, and all her followers, even though it's not their fault. They were most likely conned into being her friend in the first place. But a certain few paragraphs really stuck out to me.. And it really showed me, yes she's evil, she was evil to begin with, but she's even worse because her dad was crooked as hell. And here he is being a preacher in this small town. Preaching away like nothing. Like he's a saint himself. Here's the few paragraphs:
"Her family wasn't local; her father was from Arkansas  her mother from Texas. Her father had moved to Fallen Oak over two decades ago, after completing his six-month "accelerated learning" theology doctorate from McGimmell Bible College, P.O. Box 2038B, Tampa, Florida. Ashleigh's mother, who'd been some kind of dancer, wanted to settle down somewhere nice. The old Fallen Oak preacher had died, and there was hardly anybody willing to work for the meager salary-except her father, who had heaps of cash to launder but open arrest warrants in three states, under the name Waylon Humphries. The statute of limitations had since expired on those, and anyway it was no longer his legal name or Social Security number.
Ashleigh had not learned all of this information directly from her father, but she had learned it." -J.L. Bryan, Jenny Pox
Wow, arrest warrants? An 6 month accelerated learning course? Changing his name? His social security number? Are you serious?! And this stupid ass man is acting godly?? Holy shit stick! J.L. Bryan did an amazing job with that one. I loved it. It was the perfect little something extra to get me even more riled up over stupid Ashleigh.

Now let's talk about Seth. What a sweetheart! I think he truly was, he was always so kind to everyone. And especially Jenny after they started hanging out. And how kind was he to stop and heal Rocky, when he didn't know Jenny, all he knew were all the crappy things people said about her and called her. And that one scene in Ashleigh's room when she filled him with so much love he was barely even conscious. I felt so bad for Jenny, she just needed him to go heal her dad so he could live. I thought he would never get away from Ashleigh's spell.

"Jenny couldn't heal people, and she couldn't make people love her, but she could by God unleash destruction." -J.L. Bryan, Jenny Pox
Best quote ever from the book, it gave me chills when I read that. All I could think was omg, Jenny is gonna fuck these people up! Which leads to me talking about the ending, with all the killings. I seriously couldn't believe that stupid Seth didn't even think about listening to Jenny for one minute. He just got in the car and headed down there. And when we found out it was a trap, omg, I almost cried. I didn't want Ashleigh to win, I didn't want Seth and Jenny getting hurt. And so when Ashleigh shot Seth, I was thinking- "HOLY SHIT! STOP! Go back and read it again! ... Nope, it still happened! Dammit!" I kept thinking he can heal himself, he won't die. He won't keep laying there, but he did. So I'm sure you can imagine my ecstatic-ness when he pulled Jenny from the water at the very very end. It was like Heaven!

So what the hell was up with all that stuff at the end?! After all of them died... I was so confused like what is he talking about... But then I figured it out, all of their past lives, wasn't that insane? (And I mean insane in a good way!) It had me thinking - "Wow, all the different lives she's had..." Especially this bit here:
"She saw herself in the head and skin of a lioness, looking out through the eye holes. She sat on a raised wooden throne inside a large, boxy building of simple clay bricks, on the bank of the Nile  In war, she slew the king's enemies. In peace, those accused of injustice were brought before her for judgment, and sometimes execution. she was worshiped and feared, and many tried to influence her with gits. They called her Sekhmet." --J.L. Bryan, Jenny Pox

So, what did you love?
What did you hate?

Did you fell the same way
I did about the things above?

Did it end how you imagined?
Have you read the 2nd book?
Is it just as good as the 1st?

Let's chat about Jenny Pox.
Leave a comment :)

Have a great day!

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