Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Top Ten Books That Should Be Movies

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This weeks Top Ten Tuesday topic is a rewind!
You can pick any past topic that you might have
missed or one that you just  want to do again!

I picked the top ten books you think should be made into movies. This was the topic on April 12, 2011. My blog wasn't created or even thought of back then. And this is a fun subject for me. I'm always thinking if I would want it to be made into a movie or not. I think that one question is what really makes up my final decision if I should put it on my favorites list or not. And I'm obviously talking about a world where the movie would be made my way and be exactly like the book and feel just like how it played out in my head while reading it. 

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I haven't finished Shatter Me and What's Left of Me yet, but I'm pretty far in and I know I'm going to love the ending, and hopefully the full series for both. Looking for Alaska wasn't that great to me, but I think it would actually be a pretty good movie. All the rest I just really loved and most are on my favorites list! :)

Now I'm going to insert a few that I would want to become movies and they actually are becoming movies. I can't wait for these!

[Goodreads - IMDB] -- [Goodreads - IMDB

[Goodreads - IMDB]  -- [Goodreads - IMDB]

Alrighty guys! There's my list!
What's on your list?
Did you do a TTT?
Leave a comment & link.


  1. Yay for if I Stay. Totally hope they do the second one since they are doing the first. I loved the second book.

    How cool would it be if they made Beautiful Disaster into a movie :o but who would play Travis?....

    1. Well if they do the first they're gonna have to do the second one.

      I know right! They really need to make beautiful disaster into a movie. Just as long as they do it right. I haven't even began to think about who would play him. There were some pictures going around and he looked like a pretty good Travis.


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