Friday, November 16, 2012

Faction Before Blood

Since I love Divergent so much, I thought I should finally take some time out to find what faction I really and truly belong to. We've all thought about it while reading the books. And most of the time just picking the most badass faction (Dauntless) or to be really different and wild-- Divergent. Although I don't completely fit in with one group, I have narrowed it down to two: Amity & Candor. I think I fit in more with Amity. 

So one day I decided I should look up those quizzes that ask you a bunch of random questions and then tell you which faction you belong in. I took a good amount of them. I always got Amity or Candor, but I got Amity more. I did get Divergent once, but I disregarded that. You can also find faction wallpapers found here.

Some links to quizzes:

Also, if you take the
quiz on,
your faction result is 
included on your card.

Here's mine:

About Amity:

In general:
It means the Peaceful. You are at peace when everyone around you is getting along. You appreciate the arts and it is easy to make you laugh. A goal you may have is to find as much happiness as you can. You can be seen as indecisive and flaky but you can also be seen as warm and easygoing.

Friendship; especially in regards to friendly relations between nations.

They value peace and friendship, and believe the world’s problems can be resolved by simply learning to understand your fellow citizens. They blame aggression for the problems in the world.

Amity members dress comfortably in colors of red and yellow.

Location- Amity Sector:
Located in the outskirts of the city, where the train tracks end and there are no dilapidated buildings, only trees and fields and forests.

Contributions to the society/Jobs:
The society’s only artists, they love to sing and play instruments, they are also great counselors and caretakers, and the faction is responsible for the agricultural duties of the society.

Fun Facts:
They greet each other with a hug!

What faction are you in?
Have you read Divergent?
What did you think?

Have a great one!

**Amity information from:,,,**

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