Monday, November 26, 2012

Movie Review: Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

After the birth of Renesmee, the Cullens gather other vampire clans in order to protect the child from a false allegation that puts the family in front of the Volturi.

Ahhhh. This really is a bittersweet ending! Thinking back to when Twilight first came out, these movies have come a long, long way. So let's go back in time for a minute: I had never heard of the books until the first movie was being made and everyone started talking about it. So I jumped on the wagon and got all of them. In my opinion, the first one was amazing! I couldn't get enough of Bella and Edward. And then came New Moon, it was good, but their story got old. I suppose because nothing major was happening. And then when I started Eclipse I was really hoping that Stephenie Meyer had picked it up and would really put something into it, but sadly, she didn't. So when I decided I had to read Breaking Dawn to finish off the series, I knew it would be crap. Unfortunately I never finished it. I read probably about 1/4 the way through. 

When the movies came out I said I would watch all of them and hope that they were better than the books and I did. I never expected to love the movies this much! I didn't like Kristen Stewart at first, but eventually I realized that she's the perfect Bella. And Edward... Ahhhhh! I love him! But I am truly a Jacob fan. I am 100% Team Jacob. 

So I am very sorry that I never read Breaking Dawn because this movie was simply amazing! I had no idea that the finale would be crazy like that. I knew that there would be a battle with the Volturi because of Renesmee, but wow. Holy crap. I got chills at the end and the atmosphere in the theater was amazing. We went on the 16th as a birthday present to me! But I wish I would've went to some of the showings on the 15th when they were showing all of the movies. I don't think I could have sat there that long, but I would've like to watch part 1 followed by part 2. 

Bella is super hot as a vampire. Jacob seems to be getting cuter. And Renesmee, ah, adorable! And Edward is still Edward, still cute and weird. It was nice meeting all of the other vampires in this one. They really pulled together as a family. Bottom line is this movie was epic! You must go see it! If you haven't seen the previous Twilight movies, I'd recommend watching those too, I especially love the first one. 

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