Thursday, November 1, 2012

Movie Releases: November 2012

Here's my list for November. All the movies I can't wait to see! Of course I'm excited for Twilight, although the books were not so great, I really love the movies... And it comes out on my birthday!! The movies I'm most excited for are: The Details, Breaking Dawn Pt 2, Anna Karenina, Silver Linings Playbook and Killing Them Softly. They have some of my favorite actors in them. I love love love Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper. And Keira Knightley is amazing!

November 2

November 16

November 21

November 30

If you want to see last months 
post you can do so here.
To see IMDB's full list of 
movies coming out in the
month of November, go here.

Any of these on your 'go see' list?
Leave me a comment :)


  1. Seeing the cover of Rise of the Guardians just makes me laugh! It's because my friend is OBSESSED with Jack Frost. She has a major crush, and so I tease her about it and we're going to watch when it comes out. XD

    1. I know! At first it looked dumb, but then I watched the trailer. And I thought: "awesome!"


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